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    iTunes Monitor 1.1


    iTunes 4 introduced the ability to share music between computers. However, as of version 4.1, iTunes doesn't provide much information about who is connected or what is being shared. This utility monitors iTunes to provide a solution.

    The main window displays a list of currently connected users (by hostname or IP address) and their current status with a colored indicator.

    Files in the local music library which are currently open are also listed. An overall status indicator at the bottom of the window shows whether iTunes is running, sharing, and the total number of users and open files.

    The Preferences panel allows you to specify the paths to your Music folders. Use the '+' and '-' buttons to add and remove paths to your music. iTunes Monitor scans open files in the Music folders to display their full names. You may also change how often iTunes Monitor checks for changes in status. Values may range from 1 to 60 seconds, 5 seconds is the default.


    The iTunes application must be named "iTunes." In order to be recognized as music files, file names must have one of the following extensions: .wav, .wma, .sn2, .mov, .moov, .mp3, .aiff, .m4a, or .m4p. The iTunes Monitor can't associate a shared music file with a given remote user and files being accessed locally aren't distinguished from those being shared. iTunes monitor can't display the name of a file which is being received. iTunes Monitor may not work properly if another application is being used to proxy music streams over the Internet (iTunes 4.0.1 only.)

    Since lsof (the UNIX tool at the core of this application) doesn't reliably return complete path names, iTunes Monitor must scan your Music folder when a new file is encountered. It may take a few seconds after launching before it completes its analysis of the files and sockets iTunes is using and initially displays the information.

    Known Bugs

    • File names containing special characters (e.g. Japanese) may not display correctly.
    • iTunes monitor does not display the correct filenames/paths when the path is editted while Monitor is running. (It caches them for 1 hour.)

    Release History
    • 1.0    7 June 2003
      • Initial public release.
    • 1.1    2 December 2003
      • Added support for multiple music folders.
      • Bug fixes: fixed memory leaks, improved responsiveness, fix for Panther.


    • iTunes Monitor requires iTunes 4.0.x or later and Mac OS X.2 or later.


      Don't steal music. Make it.



    This software is Copyright 2003, Brendan A. McCarthy, all rights reserved.

    iTunes is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.


last update: Tues, Jun 10, 2003